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  1. handmadeleather

    Rally watch strap

    Rally watch strap One way to spruce up your watch is by using a classic rally watch strap. Also known as the “racing watch strap,” this kind of strap is inspired by racing or motoring. The design of the band is specifically derived from traditional gloves that are used in racing. Whether you...
  2. handmadeleather

    Watch straps

    Racing watch strap The “Rally” or “Racing” strap is essentially made of leather, perforated all along its length. The origin of the strap in question dates back to the 1970’s. The puncture pattern was directly inspired by the perforations present in certain parts of racing cars as a way to...
  3. handmadeleather

    Womens Wallets

    Womens Wallets Our collection offers a wide range of styles. From womens leather wallets, high-class women’s wallets, beautiful women’s wallets, handmade women’s leather wallets, women’s hand-held wallets, women’s mini wallets, branded women’s wallets, genuine women’s wallets KR Womens wallets...
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    Mens wallet

    Mens wallet Our collection of men’s wallets offers a wide range of styles. From classic leather wallets, men’s wallets high-end, men’s wallets designer, handmade men’s wallets, men’s wallets hand purse, the best men’s wallets, men’s wallets brands, men’s wallets money clip, men’s wallets bifold...
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    Men’s Clutch Bag is made of high-quality genuine leather

    This fashion men’s clutch bag is made of high-quality genuine leather and is also a symbolic product of the modern man. Inside, it has a large convenient patch pocket with a flap on the outer front side. Under the valve, on the outer wall of the pocket, there is a small jetted pocket with a zip...